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Welcome to THE Christian Nation.US and to THE Christian Nation Revolution!

We are the 83% of Americans who claim to believe in “God of the Holy Bible”, starting with God’s chosen people, all Jews, Catholics, Protestants, putting aside all differences in our personal beliefs as our Founding Fathers did, to achieve and act in UNITY, to focus on our “God and the Holy Bible” that we do agree on, rather than focus on our differences that have distracted, diluted, and weakened.

We are UNITING to defend our “God of the Holy Bible” as THE Christian Nation with an agreed mission to support and DEFEND ALL WHO BELIEVE IN GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE against all unbelievers who seek to destroy us, our God and Country, wherever they exist, but particularly those choosing to live in OUR country who claim offense to our Christian Nation Heritage and Rights.

We pray for all people, but refuse to allow our Christian Nation Heritage to continue to be disparaged, diluted and attacked by unbelievers with no standing to seek removal of our chosen way of life because they do not agree.

We the People, the 83% that believe in God of the Holy Bible, are uniting to defend our nation against any false God or Group that would offend our God of the Holy Bible by their existence in our land, including, but not limited to, prevention of Mosques that are not places of Worship to our God of the Holy Bible, but rather hide a Military Training Center for enemies of our God and Country, who use the cover of Religion over facilities more like our Pentagon Military Headquarters than our Churches, whose sole publicly stated mission is to convert or kill us all.

We covenant with each other to protect and defend our God Granted Rights by being Salt and Light in our personal lives to share our faith, but also to actively stand up and stop any enemies, Foreign and Domestic of our God, of the Holy Bible, and our Constitution.

We make up 83% of Americans when we focus on unity instead of what divides us, and to this end of Unity, we intend to return our country to being truly UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL…and patience for none who would destroy us and our way of life. Our Mission and Battle Plan are clearly and credibly mandated by Author, Historian, Christian Patriot Louie E. Johnston Jr. in 4 books, “THE Christian Nation Revolution”, Regeneration, Reformation, Restoration, and Righteousness.

New Contract with America? No, that expires with each election! Our 3 Year Plan to Rescue America transfers power PERMANENTLY from the District of Corruption to the people of each State, starting in Year One! Get the Truth…join THE Christian Nation Revolution! Regeneration is Step One!

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Louie E. Johnston Jr.
PO Box 160473
Nashville, TN 37216

The Christian Nation Revolution
Blue Wing USA

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God Bless the USA

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My Name is America by Todd Allen Herendeen- The Official Patriotic Anthem-Super!

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