“Our Great Grandchildren will not decide what kind of America they will inherit, but we will surely decide it for them by our choices today!” -Louie E. Johnston Jr., Author, Historian, Founder of American Constitution Center.

Donations are invested 100% to restoring the hearts and minds of America to the American System of principles and fundamental values of our Founding Fathers.

Donations for Christian or American Constitution are fully tax deductible Religious Education Programs of Layman Lessons Church and Welcome Baptist Church Inc., a Tennessee Non-Profit Church.

__ $100 Donation (Get the “Patriots Package” includes our Pocket Constitution, two books, THE Christian Nation Revolution, Regeneration; States are Sovereign; Operation Patriotism DVD; and the Christian Covenant; a $75 value).

__ $1,000 Donation (One 30 minute television broadcast)

__ $5,000 Donation (Our God and Country television or radio program launch in a typical region).

__ $10,000 Donation (Three months of God and Country television messages).

__ $100,000 Donation (Newspaper delivered to all in a typical region or a national talk radio 12 month campaign or a national television weekly half hour prime time program).

__ Enter a Different Amount to donate (Select a gift in exchange for your donation. All gifts fund our work 100%)

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Christian AND American Constitution are registered trade names for Religious Education Training programs of Layman Lessons Church and Welcome Baptist Church Inc., a Tennessee Church registered with the Secretary of State as a Non Profit Church, Donations and gifts in kind to any of these entities are fully tax deductible as charitable contributions. There are no limits on donations. All donor information is guaranteed private, known only by the donor and Church Treasurer bound by non disclosure contract. Any donation may be designated for any purpose or program. Items offered are not for sale, but are our gifts exchanged for meeting or exceeding the recommended donation listed. Email with questions or request for a personalized privacy and non disclosure agreement.

If you would prefer to mail your donation gifts, which are fully tax deductible as Charitable Contributions, please send a check to the address below:

Mail checks addressed to Christian or Layman Lessons Church or American Constitution to PO Box 160473 Nashville, TN 37216.


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