Bible Banned from Classroom in Florida


The Foundation for American Christian Education
Transforming the Heart and Mind of a Nation (click on link)


Brigitte Gabriel – ACT for America founder speaks at anti-Shariah conference in Nashville, TN
[youtube id=”hnQFeCFfRw8″ width=”100%” height=”350″]


Sen. Tim Scott: ‘Foundation of the American Dream’ Is ‘Judeo-Christian’


Chilling Video Shows Second Graders Parroting Lines About White Privilege
[youtube id=”0tlltSlGItY” width=”100%” height=”350″]


Listen to the “Detailed Truth About Common Core”
[youtube id=”2npftyFvkWo” width=”100%” height=”350″]


Stolen Truth of Godly Heritage

[youtube id=”pme3o0WimkU” width=”100%” height=”350″]


Principle Approach: Webster’s American Christian Dictionary

[youtube id=”TDFEYISQjL8″ width=”100%” height=”350″]

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