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Louie E. Johnston Jr. recalls preschool stays with his MaMaw in her rented 1 room shack, collecting roof rainwater in a barrel to boil and drink, a jar for a toilet, her warm featherbed in cold nights with no heat, very limited food, long walks to Church every Sunday, and discussing her allegiance to God and Country. Those life lessons, her example, prayers, love, and patient kindness planted Altruistic Christian seeds that led to a life of private Altruism, helping the Homeless and Hopeless.

First work was in hay fields at 12, summers as a laborer for a large crew of Brick Masons at 14, earning $1.35 hourly carrying bricks and mortar to brick a house every day, hustling work during the school year installing fencing, Burger Chef, and Smith Brothers Car Wash. During college he fabricated and installed iron carports until he got a huge blessing…

His softball skills landed work with a teammate unloading trucks as a Teamster for Yellow Freight System while in Junior College, making an incredible $3.93 per hour working Friday evenings, Saturday days, and Sundays at 12:01 a.m., then returning to weekday classes paid by his Athletic Scholarship.

Johnston earned League MVP honors for his softball team and was hired full time as a Dock Supervisor at age 20 by his then new best friend, boss/mentor Ed Bonosconi, 3rd baseman, who Johnston met at Church.

Johnston’s Dad was a pro union UAW, a rabid Democrat, but the son was and remains a Pro Employee, Christian Patriot, actively a conservative Independent in every election.

At 21 Louie Jr. was Supervising 400 Teamsters in an eleven year career with Yellow Freight System as Terminal Operations Manager. Computer skills vaulted him from Dock Supervisor to Terminal Operations Manager at age 24, leading and supervising a large Regional Freight Distribution Center.

Louie left to launch a new career as a multiple business entreprenuer, including becoming a Pro Employee consultant for non union Nissan, expanding to serve almost 100 similar pro-employee companies nationally.

Johnston earned his BS and MBA in his 40’s after dropping out of college to work to provide for his new family.

His consulting work found him traveling internationally, being transported through high security underground Pentagon tunnels as a rare civilian to dine in the home of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Merrill McPeak in Washington, DC, earning numerous U.S. Military Contracts that employed 1,000+, and chosen by the SBA as their South Region Expert Speaker on How to obtain Government Contracts.

A U.S. Patent holder for Military Computer Systems, are among 50 state of the art systems implemented nationally in numerous industries, particularly Health Care.

Johnston coached teens and adults in multiple sports, a Fastpitch softball World Series Champion, a High School team, and 2 University teams, his book Winning Fastpitch, used by 18 Olympic Softball Teams internationally.

Johnston was awarded full custody of his 3 children in 1981, ages 14 months to 7 years, and custody of his brother’s 3 orphaned teens in 2002. He raised a wonderful step daughter from age 6, and was a Foster parent.

Louie was called of God in 2003 to leave his lucrative business consulting work, and the life of luxury, to start Layman Lessons Ministries, leading an All Volunteer Army of Compassion, serving the Hungry, Homeless, Addicted, Hopeless across America, helping thousands off the streets into productive lives.

Louie since 2003 has been a full time unpaid Minister and Counselor to the Homeless, liquidating his accumulated assets to fund the ministry work, leading to 3 years of living with the Homeless himself, forging a unique insight to America’s Main Streets, “From the War Zone”! His weekly columns “From the War Zone” have been published nationally, available for publication or subscription.

Johnston previously wrote Prayers of the Bible and Shame in the Sanctuary, creating broadcast documentaries Operation Patriotism and Operation Compassion.

Being an Altruist, Christian Patriot Historian, and Strategist, the comments of a US President that “America was no longer a Christian Nation” just could not stand.

Louie Johnston invested a year of conducting extensive personal research of evidence in The Library of Congress that led to writing the 4 book series THE Christian Nation Revolution, beginning with Regeneration, followed by Reformation, Restoration, and Righteousness.

Regeneration releases in book stores July 4, 2010 and is Step One in a 3 Year Plan to Rescue America, one Christian Patriot and State at a time, to rebirth UNITED STATES.

Documenting our areas of common convictions, prioritizing thems for greatest national impact, evolved into a package of 10 New State Laws our Christian Nation Revolution is based on. Step One…Regeneration. Every talk show in America is needed to Lead THE Christian Nation Revolution Americans hunger for…now is the time. Here is the plan!

Johnston’s view of this task to lead THE Christian Nation Revolution, against overwhelming odds, is to quote Martin Luther…”One Man with God…is a majority!”

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