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Historical Documents Prove America is THE Christian Nation!

CP Newspaper

Twelve pages of priceless proof that America was founded as THE Christian Nation, the Supreme Court has confirmed it through the years, from the new book THE Christian Nation Revolution, Regeneration that is uniting Jews, Catholics, Protestants in the never ending fight to return America back Under God of The Holy Bible!

Original Collector Edition Issue contains Historic Documents from our National Archives and excerpts from the book “THE Christian Nation Revolution, Regeneration”.

This newspaper is today the only such treasure for Grandparents to share with grandchildren who will never learn about our Christian Heritage they deserve, unless we teach them personally!

10 bundles of 100 minimum order plus shipping fob Tennessee.

Ideal for Teens, Churches, Schools to sell these anywhere in America for fundraisers and personal college funds!

Join our Paul Revere program today and sound the alarm!

Email: louiejohnston@gmail.com
Mail: Louie Johnston, PO Box 160473 Nashville, TN 37216
Phone: (615) 358-8787

? ? ? “Truth must prevail, to win the hearts and minds of all generations…” Louie E. Johnston Jr.

__ $1,000 Donation (Newspaper delivered to all in a typical school)

__ $10,000 Donation (Newspaper delivered to all in a typical county)

__ $100,000 Donation (Newspaper delivered to all homes in a typical region)

“Our Great Grandchildren will not decide what kind of America they will inherit, but we will surely decide it for them by our choices today!” Louie E. Johnston Jr.

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