Active Pastors/Priests/Rabbis Duties

Active Pastors/Priests/Rabbis must lead in vetting and voting.

Out of 65 million evangelical Christians in the United States, only fifty percent are registered to vote, and only half of those actually voted in 2008. “That means three out of four evangelical Christians stayed home. That’s over 48 million citizens that didn’t vote,” says Ted Cruz’ spirit-filled dad, evangelical Dallas pastor Rafael Cruz, who was interviewed at the 2014 Texas State Republican Convention. He said most pastors are “scared to death, hiding behind their pulpit,” worried about risking their tax exempt status, or offending/losing church members. Cruz challenges pastors to “get outside of the four walls of the church.”

Cruz said, “The Gospel is a lot more than John 3:16. The Gospel is the whole council of God from beginning to end.”

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Pastor Cruz challenge for Pastors

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John Calvin sermon on false gods worship destroys nations (audio only, click play to listen)


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