Television Programs

Constitutional Carry and Federalism

Constitutions are not self enforcing

Independence requires independents

Preamble to the us constitution

The Christian Revolution 1

Health Care Insider 101 (Television Program)

Health Care Insider 102 (Television Program)


DVD Television Broadcast Documentaries

Operation PatriotismOperation Patriotism DVD
This moving production televised internationally honors American Patriots, educating future generations of Americans on the timeless values, sacrifice, purpose and mission behind the Pledge of Allegiance and “Old Glory”, the American Flag.

Operation CompassionOperation Compassion DVD
Documentary about Homelessness and Addiction in America, featuring President George W. Bush and his “Call for Compassion” to the American People. Operation Compassion exposes many of the real issues of the homeless for the first time, and offers a collection of programs and services proven effective over the past 17 years, forming a “Franchise Ministry” that is ready to be implemented in “Any City, USA”.

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